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Have you ever wondered who you really are as a man, who you want to be, and what's your purpose as a man in this life? What do you really want to do, how to navigate all these different possibilities of career, family, money situation, health...

How to integrate your instinctual power with your love, sensitivity and the passion for living with more meaning and purpose?

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Why do we need a new vision for masculinity?

Living in the 21st century as men, we see that life has become so intrinsically complex and diverse as never before.

Modern life gives us more and more opportunities and ways to live, while at the same time it offers less guidance and orientation.

A lot of men these days struggle with lack of orientation and meaning.
Many feel stuck in the treadmill of daily routine, trying to make ends meet, feeling frustrated with relationships and family.

Others may seem to have it all together, a great career, enough money, good relationships, and still might be gripped by a gnawing sense of meaninglessness or lack of deeper connection.

A lot of young men feel overwhelmed by all the different ways of lifestyle – in sexuality, intimate relationships, family, work and career etc… - that are available in our globalized world.

Meet the mentor

Gregor Khushru Steinmaurer

Teacher and Mentor of the Awakened Masculinity Program

"Meeting and working with people in a context of mutual inspiration and deepening together the awareness of what it means to live a conscious, whole and joyful life as a man, is my greatest passion and nourishment."

Gregor Khushru is a therapist, coach, mentor and teacher of an embodied Spirituality. Based in Austria, he is teaching and giving workshops internationally.

He is passionate about bringing together western approaches to therapy and healing with the timeless wisdom of eastern mysticism, into a modern blend of an integrated path for development and practice.
One important focus for him is working with men in seminars and longer trainings, supporting an awakened and conscious masculinity.

He also works together with his wife Komala de Amorim on Male-Female Polarity, Conscious Relationship, and the Training for Life.

Disclaimer: By registering for the “Awakened Masculinity” program, I fully accept any risks associated with listening to this program and any of the practices and applications involved. The information contained in this program and these presentations are offered solely for educational purposes only. Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional.